More feline photos for your delight.

Yesterdays blog pix were all taken on my knackered old Iphone. Todays pictures were all taken on my knackered old Ipad! See if you think there is any qualitative difference. They are btw in reverse chronological order, like that any makes a difference!?

There is it would seem nothing better that a dusty, dirty old pair of my knickers in an equally dusty and dirty old box for Nancy to sleep all afternoon on! Cute eh! Or maybe not now you know the context.
Here’s moi, trying not to follow the urge to cut the grass but instead to follow my fizio’s instructions and rest my beleaguered back! Cool shirt eh!
Nancy is a funny cat by any definition and so the colloquial term “tool” might be applied to him. This picture is thus titled “A tool amongst the tools”. What a wit I am. These gardening tools were not staged, they were in situ, as is, and Nancy joined them, promise!
One of the beings in this picture is a confident, successful and happy being the other is just about scraping by. I’ll let you deduce which is which.
Who would have guessed that Nancy wouldn’t get todays Wordle in four lines?
Sid stalks stealthily off down what is meant to be a path but is now long grass in search of something to play with.


And finally to cool you off after all that hot cat porn, here is hairy Jon and scary Sanja sorry that should be smiley Sanja, should be!