Welcome to Barabrith’s website. This will be the portal from which we hope to inform and entertain you with the goings on and goonery that we get up to out here in the Croatian countryside. Click Blog to see what’s been going on here.


Barabrith? Yes it is the  name of a Welsh tea cake (actually spelt Bara Brith).  That cake is one of the few specialities of my Dad’s cuisine. He helped me buy this place. Suncica has become an expert in creating versions of vegan Barabrith cake and so we decided to name the house Barabrith in gratitude to my Dad.


Barabrith is currently home to two ageing anarcho-punx Jon & Marko, one not so ageing anarcha punk who has strong hippy tendencies, Suncica, Ena the dog and Matchka the cat.

The long term goal is to be as self sustainable as possible. We have already had a good season of organic vegetables from our “garden”. We are currently planting new trees, fruit bushes and more vegetables in our ‘upper garden’ which used to be a corn field.  There are about six hectares of woods and fields for us to play with, it is a long term project.

Soon! We hope to have accommodation available for paying visitors with vegan meals as an option.



We ordered in 12 cubic meters of wood and it came in two loads on the back of a tipper truck. The pieces were too large for any of our stoves so we called in the wood cutter who came and sliced it all up in a remarkably short time n the blazing sun and …

Concrete knees

The path to true happiness is shopping and buying power tools comes pretty high up the list (not quite as high as buying a pool table) but buying a bright orange concrete mixer is a rare treat indeed! This we did in order to finish off repairing the path that around the house DIY style. …


Post is exciting to recieve out here in the wilds! But if you wish to email us please do!