So slack but I’ve got a bad back!

It’s true my back is causing all kinds of trouble for me with its trapped nerve but tbh that’s not a good enough excuse for how slack my blogging has become. Still here’s a bunch of  new pix, plenty of cat porn and not too much of me you’ll be glad to know. More soon, I hope.

I showed some guests around the Petrova Monument and was able to use the open gate to the basement area. Note there is a piecee steel covering high up that has recently come loose and swings in the wind, eyes up!
One of my older fruit trees doing its best to brighten up the area wih its blossom.
There’s nothing quite like a good cardboard box to sit in, is there? Well apparently not if you’re a cat!
Our hedgehog is back!! This little fella was sitting on the path as we headed down to check out the woods, he didn’t seem particularly bothered by us but we were glad the cats were not with is this time.
Sanja heads back up home after a long afternoon toiling on the land or Sanja picks up my rake to hurry me up so I can make dinner! Either way its a nice shot of my tree defences before the long grass took over!
Caught on camera by Sanja and watched over by Sid as I plant one of the fruit trees dug upp from around the house and transplanted down the hill.
Time for a hair cut.
From left to right, there’s plastic recycling, metal recycling and then cat recycling!!!
We had some serious flooding recently in Karlovac. The Radonjia almost flooded our road but not quite!
This super bug moved slowly, was unfazed by me or the cats in close proximity and has since disapeared! Any ideas what s/he is?

I have been reliably informed that this is none other than a ‘Morimus funereus’ which is a rather cool sounding name innit?  Thanx Grrt!

Thanks to typically crap Croatian customer service I was without my strimmer for almost three weeks when the grass was growing like mad. So when I fianlly got it back I hadto switch to metal blade for the first time. It looks a little like a Laibach logo but it cuts through the long grass like a dream.
Piles of cut grass along my freshly recut pathways, so much grass to clear and not enough battery charge in me or the Makita to do it!
There are loads of rosehip plants on my land and they are a bit of a thorny problem but they look very pretty when in blossom.
I felt a tad guilty destroying loads of wild strawberry’s whilst strimming my paths in the lower field.
Despite or perhaps because of Marusa’s devastating pruning of the kiwi plant it has bounced back and is now spreading its tentacles all over the place.
There’s a cat on my shirt.
This beauty popped on to a bed as I was stripping it of sheets, but it kindly hung around long enough for a decent close up portarit before buzzing off.
Inbred royalty (and by golly doesn’t he know it!)
I took my latest guest for a walk around the valley – sounds like an innuendo, but ain’t honest! – and the furry freaks joined us for the first bit but decided against following us through the woods (thankfully).