My brother, figs and Marmite

Now I have  a new excuse for not updating this site. A trapped nerve is making everything simple from typing to washing up painful to do, or at best “worrying” with the weird sensations it creates in my limbs an dhow my back seizes up. Still for you I struggled to do another post….

Figs grow all over the coast of Croatia but they are less frequently found inland so I’m rather pleased that these are coming on nicely. Especially as they are on a tree that sprouted from the base of original fig tree I planted but subsequently died!
I started watering the trees last week, focusing on this years new replants like this chestnut. Then we had two thunderstorms and I had to go around restaking the young trees that had been blown sidewards by the winds!!
This fearless hopper jumped on to my breakast table, stalked towards me and then hopped off on to my slipper!
Surround by overgrown paths thanx to my strimming woes this Maple tree was struggling last year after being attacked by rabbits. But now its doing great. Those cute blue flowers have been exorcised for being too close and threatening the Maple’s water supply.
Nance likes to lie with here throat being tickled by the edge of the hammock as she gazes out at nothing. She is an expert at gazing at nothing, possibly a sympton of her early years in flat captivity.
I bought and planted a bumper pack of bulbs from Lidl and these two are the first to bloom. Kinda don’t look real do they?
There is a quaint English expression ” like all your christmasses come at once”. Needless to say I never use it seeing as it refers to things I would rather did not exist but if anything in my life represents the idiom then it is the feeling I have when I see this photo of my current Marmite stock and think back to only a few weeks ago when I ran out of the ESSENTIAL stuff!
This was taken atop the Petrova Gora monument but in keeping with how old a decrepit my brother and I now are I decided to play with the filters a bit, it didn’t help !
Ploggoff (aka Chris, my brother) spent a good long time trying to fit in the smaller hammock but once done he spent a good hour or two reading copies of the LRB and feeling suitably smart after doing so! At this point in time he’s still trying to settle in!
It’s become a thing that guests should choose their own mugs from my collection. Then I crack a joke about doing a psychological profile based on their picks. These are the mugs my brother used whilst here, what do they reveal about him …?
Little brother proved quite useful in the week that my trapped nerve was playing havoc with my ability to stand up straight let alone rake up grass and dump it on the compost heap! Thanx Plog.