Evening time is when I venture out.

Here be a random selection of images from the last few days. I had a day dream the other day about sussing out how to enable these photos to pop up to full size when you hovver over them but it was just a day dream…. for now!

I’m not eating much these days, not becuase of the not so subtle comments from my beloved about being rotund but because the heat saps my appetite and my energy to cook! But tonight I cracked open some pizza dough and made a green bean pizza with meat balls and a Ajva flavoured tomato sauce. Twas a corker! Ate it outside in the twilight, but only finished half of it (as pictured) so the rest is ready for tomorrow!
Work on my arboretum map progresses slowly with some of the trees and bushes planted a couple of years ago proving tricky to identify. This tree looks like an overgrown bush, its big about 2m tall and very healthy looking but it has precisely one fruit on it and Im not sure what it is! Helpful suggestions welcome!
The other night I was working away at my desk. I often change positions and sit in odd ways to try to stop my back seizing up. Suddenly I felt something on my foot and looked down to find this -not so little- (bug grasshopper -or cricket?) resting on my upturned foot! Strange creature!
In a recurring theme of answers to “What do you eat out there?” here is another Jon meal pic. Heavily reliant on Lidl I’m afriad the tofu is fried and the green beans (yes again!) tossed in to the pan for the last minute along with some Ajvar and garlic, came out pretty good with a left over rice salad to go with it. Washed down with some oat milk this is my main and only meal of the day besides breakfast. So why am I not shedding kilos by the week?
Another day another sunset.
Looking as relaxed as Nancy ever does the speaker she has adopted as her favourite spot in the kitchen is blasting out bad rock music from my latest ebay Rock Compilation purchase and yet she is happy as Larry if a little twisted!
Sid came to offer his advice on how to construct the base for the canopy stand, and very helpful he was too.
Sid checks out what the big pink beast is doing in his garden and approves of the canopy construction because this sun is getting to be a bit too much for a fur covered creature innit!
The big parasol has been rotting away in the attic since we moved in and so I decided it was time to make Malcolms bench the bench of choice for those not wishing to experience sunburn. A bit of tricky sewing – triple layes of canvas – and some squat style carpentry to fashion a stable base to sit the parasol’s pole in and hey presto Dad’s bench has an optional canopy! This is the bench far enough away from the house that you can pretend not to hear people calling you to do chores and get away with it but close enough to make coming in for a fresh cuppa not too much of a drag.
These are the first handfull of cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden, and super sweet and juicy they are too! So good in fact that I felt confident enough to give the neighbours a bowl full too, that amused them, but on returningnthe bowl the next day they indicated they too thought them very tasty! Mega community points scored (by my standards!)
This evening I was making the most of the two hour window of relative coolness that the evening provides and racking up the cut grass on the path through the clover field. Sid had been in the gazebo when last seen but then suddenly there he was lying in front of me apparently oblivious to the pile of dead flora rolling towards him! What could he possibly want? Oh yeah it’s evening attention time, yowl, yowl, miaow miaow, yeah yeah ok ok….