Another late night post.

Its 2am, my brain is enjoying the cool night time temperature but I really should get out of this nocturnal habit or I’m never gonna get to do scything in the early morning before the sun does its worst. So I’ll be brief, here are hopefully some self explanantory photos from the last fortnight. Enjoy.

This started out as a picture of the rather wonderful succulants growing in the ‘log pot’ but then the furry feline exhibitionists moved in on the shot and it quickly turned into cat porn instead. So rather like the parliamentary porn Tory MP I’m trying to say this was by accident and I really wanted to look at flowers!
Remember these bird boxes I installed a couple of years ago and left a screwdriver in one for a year so it was uninhabitable! Then it was taken over by hornets! Well at last my little feathered friends have seen fit to accept my offer of hospitalty. They are at least 4 or 5 metres above ground and I often see Sid wistfully looking up at them!
This shot of my Evening Primrose flower was taken aptly in the evening and is a tad dark but I like the detail on the flower head and the dramatic difference tween the open and closed flowers.
We were in town on official business the other day and our friend Blaž who knows how to snap a decent portrait did his best with these two muppets. Nice one Blaz, thanx for trying, you did your best, given the material you had to work with its pretty (wrong word) impressive.
For those wondering what happened to the secod coming, well Jesus is back, wearing glasses and is now a Pool God! Amen or should that be Ahem! The white robe has been in my clothes pile since I was at University and cohabited with an Iraqi student who presented this to me in an attempt to bribe me to stop playing my music so loud I think! Anyway Ive only worn it a couple of times but the incessant heat here has driven me to desperate measures and so here I am impersonating Jesus in order to stay cool!!! And TBH these things work, there is a lovely airy feeling inside – except for when Nancy decides to join me underneath my robe whenever I sit down – and I do feel cooler temperature wise! The wierd looking creature holding the other pool cue is my niece known as Twitch.
My sisters kids brought me some presents including a set of Scrabble cards, its a card game based on Scrabble but significantly different and quite fun even when playing with these three losers. Sanja shared her Club Mate stock with them and it seemed to prove a hit.
These flowers are crazy with long long stalks and super bright huge heads bit like the creature in the background.
Not sure what these are but they are situated on the south west corner of the gazebo and are a delightful purple colour.
This is a rare sighting of a usually wild animal doing a domestic chore, unusual behaviour for this feline that usually acts as an apex predator only unfettered by lowly household tasks that are left to the lower species!
I rarely use the west door exit to my room and so its not surprising that some creepy crawlies had got used to it being a quiet zone suitable for webs etc. Sanja prefers to use the exit but got a bit of a fright when she almost walked into this beauty one evening. That white spot is the moon!
With the aid of Sanja‘s mobile phone torch the spiders web is illuminated.
Sanja the spectre brings the hose out to the arboretum where the trees are in dire need of watering.
Sid manages to look even more cute than usual by sleeping with his paws pressed together, ahhhh!
Nancy finds that learning Croatian from a text book sends her to sleep almost as quick as it does for me!
Sanja has one of those moments when all coordination goes out of the window as she struggles to exit the front seat of the car.
There are various little critters that share my room, some much less welcome than others, this geezer has been hanging around my desk for a week or so now, I dread to think what she is eating! Interestingly she seems unphased by my presence or movements.
Often when doing the evening watering I am accompanied by Sid and later Nancy. Its the time of the day they like to get attention and also to play, often running around like nutters. On this occasion Sid decide to claw at a wooden post an d then climb it! The top was too small for all his four paws to fit on but he made a good job of doing a balancing cat act!
This plum tree has not been looked after. It should have been pruned so the branches were stronger and less dense. As it is with all the fruit on the branches it has split the main branch and is now hanging all the way to the ground. The tigers love to explore under it and here you can see unusually Nancy leading an expedition through the long grass.
Several branches of plums came off the old trees in the recent storms. The leaves have quickly died and gone brown but the green plums have turned purple as they shrivel!
Twice whilst eating my salad outside I have had these butterflies come ever so close apparently completely unafraid of me. Maybe the word has got around the non human world that this is a vegan household and they now feel safe to do crazy things like land on ones hand!