A little catch up and lots of cat!

We were away for  a few days by the sea, the cats survived and so did our tress to my great relief. Now it’s the season of going down to the river for a swim at night to return the body to a cool temperature and relax. Sadly no photos of me bathing but there are plenty of cat pix!

Sanja is not the most willing labourer but she is getting quite adept with the hosepipe which is good news as the current climate means that our young trees still need watering every few days. Here she decides to give the new bench a watering too!
Could Nancy have chose a better cushion to crash out on in one of her trademark weird positions? Probbaly not!
Its not easy for Nancy to relax. She’s always fidgety and easily spooked. Not surprising given the prison conditions and notorious gaoler she had to endure for the first three years of her life. So getting in to the hammock and staying there as it was gently rocked was an act of courge, bless his little white sox.
Whilst we were restacking some packages Nancy came in to inspect our workrate and lie down in the most unhelpful but somehow appropriate place she could find. Its all about me!
This creepy crawlie was hanging out under a piece of wood in the workshop and was discovered when we did some sorting out in there this week. He was pretty quick on his multiple little legs when he wanted to be. About 10 cm long and with a purpleish hue.
I gave SId n Nancy a treat cos theyd been adorable and for the first few minutes they tucked in like ravenous kids in a Dickensian orphangage side by side without rancour. Then Sid swiped Nancy out of the way and scoffed the lot whilst Nance lay down and pretended not to care.
Simple tasks can be quite theraputic, and even engrossing. Sanja appears to have fallen into a watering trance or maybe shes just zoned out as the kids used to say! Please note the piles of grass, mulching around the trees that I hoped would help keep them moist whilst we were away for a few days.
Our recents guests from Dresden were offered rakja or tea as a greeting beverage and chose to drink beer instead, did I mention they are German? They went on to help with many fixing things tasks that I have been putting off doing and they also played pool so pretty damn good guests I’d say!
We have thousands of these purple beauties and are wondering what to do with them all. Many of the old plum trees branches have broken with the weight of the fruit in the stormy winds.
Today was the first day I got a proper chance to play with my new tool! Weather wise it chopped and changed as if we were in England, with rain, sun, clouds, a breeze, threatening storm clouds and then sweaty humid heat. So out I went with suitable protection and tried out my double battery powered Makita D handled strimmer. It was a joy, though I did feel a bit guilty doing it in sight of my scythe. Even on the fastest speed its quiet enough that I could still hear the music in my headphones and no diesel fumes! The batteries only last 40 mins or so but thats time enough to do a lot of path clearing and then take a break and come back to it when they have recharged. Thanx to Dad for buying this for me for my birthday!
Crooked selfies rule! Attention strimmers at the ready! I’m not looking for Makita sponsorship, really, but I wouldn’t say no to one of their chainsaws!