Cats win again!

Today was a good day, not only did I continue to play the new La Fraction CD that arrived in the post yesterday – a lovely suprise, thanx Thierry! But also I discovered a new episode of the wonderful adventures of McLevy played by Brian Cox on Radio 4. Aural bliss the both of them.

So I know I said I’d not let this blog get taken over by the cats but…

Sadly my Ipad has gone on the blink so I am unable to access the photos I have on it. All these were taken with my Iphone which I inherited from my lil’ brother, thanx Plog.

These are in no particular order, but they do represent my finally catching up and so I’ll try to return to a more regular posting from now on. The pictures do show that I’m spending most of my time gardening or tinkering with things on the estate that need doing.

I got fed up with the whole “gardening” palava, digging, composting, watering, waiting, more watering etc etc So I decided why not just put a nice picture of a flower on the ground in the spot where you would like a flower to be, much easier!
The pear blossom that greats me as I step outside my bedroom door at the moment.
A family that eats together…..
Proof that I have managed to do something other than entertain the cats! I am slowly clearing out ad painting the floor and walls of the workshop in the wooden house basement, so that it becomes a more user friendly space.
One indication that all is not roses in the Sid and Nancy camp is the fact that Nancy has taken to spending a lot of time in the kitchen on his own whilst Sid in comparison rarely hangs out in there. Nancy really likes to burrow in to duvets taht should have been put away long ago!
These two have yet to rid themselves of the fascination with drinking from running taps. They demand it everytime they are fed, sometimes more often. A double tongue shot is a coup!
The relationship between Sid and Nancy always was a little complicated, often fractious. On occasion though they seem to be best of mates, high on life out of captivity and what better way to show this than to sniff each others butt!
This pic is of an eveing walk, well outside Nancy’s usual comfort zone, Sid on the other hand, we think, goes everywhere!
Sid surveys his domain as the evening draws to a close.
Sid will always come for a walk down the hill as lonhg as he’s not engaged in stalking some poor rodent. Here he is engaged in waiting for us to catch up and giving the oak tree a hard stare. Why do oaks come in to life so much later in the year than other trees?
Sanja, wearing her gorrilla gear to ward off any bears we might come across encorages the ever slow and cautious Nancy to keep up with the team as we head off on an adventure. Nancy is almost always “the one at the back” , you know the type!
Photographic proof of the rare occasion that Nancy took the lead, it didnt last long!
Gorilla giirl and Sid on the way back up the hill, taking the less often used west side path!