I knew it had been a bit windy…

I was busy up in my room most of the early afternoon, I heard the wind blowing and the electricity kept cutting out for split seconds which is a good sign that there is some kind of storm going on outside. At about four I wondered down stairs into the bright sun and fresh air. The cats needed feeding and watering and a bit of a tickle. Then I walked around the corner of the house, looked up and saw this…

My favourite hammock spot is now minus one fixture and its shade!
The only good thing about this is that the tree missed absolutely eveything where it landed.
A look along the horizontal trunk and the split.
Like capitalism, organised religion, and so many other manmade things this tree was an example of nature also being on occasion rotten on the inside.

On a happier note and to keep all you feline fans happy here is Nancy in one of her unique poses.

Nancy is a special cat as you can see, it is sad that I did not have my camera running when she rolled off the chair in excitement this morning and flopped to the ground on her back without batting an eyelid. So here at last is her unique style of stair sitting. She does this for a long time so it must be comfy but it somehow just doesnt look right… very Nancy!