Long over due and lacking in text….

Sorry for the pitiful posting rate of late, I blame it on Sanja, but I guess it’s up to me to me work out a new timetable /routine that includes time doing things with her and also the things that I do alone. Sanja is taking a well earned break from me back in Belgrade for a couple of weeks so blogging is back!

These photos are not in date order and range over the months of Feburary and March.

An sunset lit evening stroll with Sid and Sanja
We saw this wicker cat basket in the Karlovac flea market, I said “not worth more than 50kuna” and we got it for 30, after I’d cleaned it out and left it to dry in the sun, Sid gave it the ultimate seal of approval.
Trying to come to grips with basic Serbo-Croatian grammar and failing. This local language is universally recognised as “difficult” but I have the feeling that my old brain would have trouble learning any language however simple it might be.
Sometimes I wonder why so few folk visit me and then I realise I should stop forcing them to chop wood and the like!
This is the view of our house from the otherside of the valley. At most times of the year it would not be visible due to the foliage.
Sanja leads the pack on the scenic way back from the Post Office.
Burning fields and brush is I think illegal, its gotta be bad for the environment, but it can make an interesting picture!
Sanja and Andrje admire the local farmers arsonist handiwork.
We have a hedgehog shuffling around in the grass just outside my door. This is a nighttime shot but we’ve seen him out and about in the day time too.
Sid gave us a bit of a scare, he got in a fight and was walking funny. We ended up in a specialist xray unit for pets in Zagreb!! Of course a day later he was fine, grrrrr!
One of Sid’s xrays that showed no broken bones, rather beautiful innit. If only my back was that flexible!
Both Sid and Nancy love drinking from dripping or slightly running taps. Sid is rather expert at this but Nance almost always ends up with water all over his head and having a coughing fit!

Sanja’s birthday was celebrated by a trip to the Plitvica National Park. This was opportune as it much cheaper to enter the park in the winter months and  there are relatively ver few people there as these pics show.

Plitvice lakes with snowy spots in the sunshine in March.
One of the things I love about Plitvice is the pristine clear water of the lakes that allow you to see the underwater view if trees that have fallen in to them.
Sanja provides a splash of red amongst the wonderful winter colours of the Plitvice Park.
The snow was still quite thick on the less used paths on the shady side of the lakes.
A selfie at last! And a double one at that, so cool! You lucky lucky folk!
In the summer one just wants to stip off and wade in to the Plitvice lakes, in March this was not so much of an urge I had difficulty resisting.
Wooden crocodiles bask in the winter sun.
Nancy to a liking to my huge Yugoslavian flag that I found in the flea market. She is after all a yugocat!
Sid relaxes behind the bars of the wooden house steps hand rail.
This beauty was found in our woods. If we were unsure there are wild boar in our area this proves there are! Just look at those tusks! Now to find a bear tooth or wolf fang!
The Barabrith houses in the early spring late afternoon sun.
One day in Febuary I heard some birds squawking and momentarily couldn’t locate from where it came. Then looking straight up I saw a flock of what must be geese of some kind. They were circling around in a noisy chaotic looking mass and then when others joined they started forming in to V lines and headed off north! It was amazing how loud they were at such a height and also how many there were, quite a spectacle!
Ever wondered what a gardener digging over a veg patch looks like from the point of view on an unsuspecting worm?