An update and an excuse

I have ceased talking to my self!

I am no longer alone!

Sanja is back! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Guess who’s settled comfortably back in to Barabrith life?

The three months of our enforced nationalist border separation (aka celibacy) is over and as you may have noticed this does somewhat inpact on my blogging frequency. But as a special treat to make amends I am posting a video or two.

Joey of DOA has been kind enough to supply me with stylish punk rock caps over the years, which used to be quite good at keeping the rain out of my eyes back in blighty. Now Sanja claims them as hers, all except the new “trucker style” one which is “the wrong shape” for her head and so suitable as a cast off for me. Unfortunately however proud the peek is it doesn’t protect my eyes from the effects of my dust allergy hence the weepy tired look I have in this pic.
Masked up and ready to shop… as Joey (DOA again!) urged us all…. don’t be a bonehead don’t listen to the conspiracy nutters, covid kills old folk (like Joey) and that ain’t funny. What is funny is to think what reaction the security staff in the shops would have had pre-pandemic if we had walked in masked up like this before!!!
We have been amusing oursleves watching GLOW on Netflix, quite amusing at times but overall what a sad picture of the recent American past it paints. I was trying to describe the 70’s English wrestler Giant Haystacks to Sanja some time ago and now I think I have a photo that wil do it! Well almost!

The weather continues to swelter, too hot even for us two lilly livered ‘blancs’ to go down to the river! Though there was one day of stormy weather last week that ruined Sanja’s band planned gig in Zagreb, typical!

Proof that I’m now too old for birthdays came in the form of an empty post box and very little incoming messages. But Sanja spoiled me rotten, or maybe that should be even more rotten given the sate of me, and even as I type this a day later she is still intent on making me a sweet potato chocolate cake once we find all the ingredients and equipment.

My birthday evening was however celebrated in style. Sanja and I played a game of Scrabble with my sister and her man care of Zoom. During which Sanja nd I consumed the above two pots of ice cream (the B&J is much better btw). I knew it wasn’t a good idea given my last few years experience of eating ice cream – especially late at night – and consequently got very little sleep. Reflux when lying down is easily cured by sitting up and so I read my new book of P.K.Dick stories untill the sun came up and my stomach had setled. Thanks must be given though to Beka, Rich and Sanja for allowing the birthday boy to win at Scrabble.

I also had a surprise – well almost,  lets say a – spontaneous late decision – visitor in the form of Sophia from Berlin. Not seen her for seven years, two days was hardly enough time to catch up especially as her primary driving force seems to be lying in the sun and mine is hiding from it!

Sophia was our first visitor of the year! She chose to lie on the concrete of the gazebo. I did offer her the use of either a chair or a recliner but this determind young woman wanted just to lie in the sun and I guess feel its warmth seep back up from the concrete!

There arre of course frequent other visitors we get to Barabrith…..

This beauty is about the size of a golf ball when hiding in her corner. When she comes out to wrap up its prey she looks MUCH BIGGER! Sanja is using her as an excuse to enter my room by the other door!
This bugger shows up every now and then on a kitchen window to scare the beegeezus out of us! The picture doesn’t do him justice. I was hoping to hold a ruler next to him whilst taking the picture but neither of us are that brave!

The weather is still too damn hot for doing much besides eating and reading and then the evening ritual of watering the new plants…..

Sanja helps with the vital task of watering the new trees and bushes.

and here are the videos..  I think they are self explanatory