Surprise visitors!

We’re open! I took a phone call and said yes! So officially we have reopened and our first guests were a couple from Austria who brought a baby.  Babies are not our forte but little Fil as we are gonna call him  was a treat.

Here is the happiest baby I’ve ever met and the first ever to get positive reviews from both myself and Sanja! His name is Filippo and he’s growing up vegan in Graz.

At the same time as Fil brightened up our day with his beautific smiles these flowers popped open.

Another of the bulbs that has grown despite being stuck in the gravelly ground around the bamboo and watered only a couple of times.
The bamboo has spent a year or more doing very little and now is spreading! Which is both exciting and scary given its potential to grow under concrete and the like.
Despite the drought this bright beauty has survived and bloomed! This is one of the bulbs I planted back in May around the bamboo on the miserable bit of scrappy earth in front of the barn.

and here’s another of Fil…

Baby barrow boy Fil prepares to take a barrow full of nothing in to the long grass.