No rain till …

I know I go on about it but the weather is ridiculous. I can’t even remember the last time it rained properly.  Certainly there hasn’t been any decent amount since I planted the news trees back at the beginning of May and so I’ve been watering them every other evening. The tomatoes I planted start to wilt if I don’t water them every evening!

Well you know its too dam hot when the grass starts going brown. It hadn’t rained here for a month or much more when I took this yesterday. This is a pathway that needs tidying up but after doing an hour or so scything I was just too knackered to do anymore so this path will have to wait. But its kind of cute that you can see where animals have been using the path and worn a narrow path in the middle of the wider path.
Not a pretty sight I grant you but this was taken at 8 in the evening at the end of my scything / path clearing session and I was so knackered, hot and sweaty that my arm was giving off steam as I reached out to take this selfie! I did wonder if it might be visible on the photo.

But tonight it is raining,  properly! Hooray! So tomorrow I’ll take some pictures of what will hopefully be a revived greener landscape!

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