April fools

I’ve been busy teaching the world to speak proper English and nursing Sanja back to health so this post covers the last week or more, sparsely!

The weather is changing everyday, but there have been several days now when it was warm enough even for the likes of Sanja to want to eat out in the gazebo again!
Sanja had a tumble, (see the knee!) when attacked by a neighbours dog cycling down our hill (Sanja was cycling not the dog). She has made the most of her enforced rehabilitation, resting on the sofa, lounging out on the sun , being read Outlander to night and day and unable to help with almost any of the household chores. Poor Sanja. The cap is an IWW one which in this case stands for Idle Wanton Wench.
Sanja captures one of the local peasants hard at work in his garden planting onions.
With Sanja out of action due to the dog induced bike accident I felt the need to satisfy my primal urges in some other way. And so I turned once more to shelf construction. I have for sometime realised that I am in need for just a few more CD shelf spaces and so thats what I created. Now I gotta rearrange all the buggers!
Before her fall Sanja helped me move the unsightly pile of excess building sand that has been sitting for sometime outside my door. It is now sitting comfortably in the barn awaiting the next concrete building project! Spot the pear blossom.
When the “plumbers’ dug up the water pipe and refilled it I never thought it would be so difficult to get the ground level again. Or rather smooth as it is on a nice slope or at least it was a nice slope until the lumpy and bumpy pipeline ditch was dug through it! I have been trying to level it off with my boots and a spade, but if anyone has a garden roller handy?
Last spring I stuck a few daffodil bulbs in the embankment along our front fence. They came out! The look a bit lonely though so I’ve bought a bunch of other bulbs that will join them later thus week, after the predicted snow on Tuesday!
Found these two beauties in the barn amongst all the spare roof tiles. Gotta choose which roof apex to stick them up on or some other more imaginative thing to do with them!