Netfix comes to town!

We wondered who had taken over our fave local tourist spot for most of 2019 and now we know! The Petrova Gora monument building is now world famous as it features in the Netflix series Tribes of Europa. The historical parallels are ironic if not amusing!

Reading this introduction to the Tribes of Europa series, you have to wonder if the premise for this apocalyptic sci fi adventure story is not in someway inspired by the story of Yugoslavia where much of it was shot!
Ah now there’s a shot of Petrova Gora that I can only dream of taking, unless I get a drone for my birthday!! The star of the show is just visible in the “window” of the top of the left section in the middles of the building!
The Petrova Gora war memorial is invaded by an army again!
When the film crew took over the building they cleaned it up and then redecorated it. All the graphitti, stickers etc were removed from the walls and floors up to the 5th floor above which they didn’t film any higher I guess. They repainted everything with a green mould effect to look like a couple of decades of neglect had set in, which it already had at Petrova Gora!
This room is on the ground floor of the building and the bizarre looking table feature was created by and taken away by the film unit. The lower walls of the “windows” were however built by them with polystyrene covered with hardboard and decorated with “decay” effects. Those new walls are still in situ.
This door is my fave bit of the programmes “left behinds” I have taken gloomy photos of it in the past and put them up on this blog but here it is in all its TV, electrified glory. The amusing thing is that it goes nowhere in reality but with TV trickery we are led to believe that it leads to a whole other room, a big one with a cage in the middle.
Here is the basement again but this time done up as a prison to house the everso dangerous “Crow” captive. This is in fact the same room as the one above., preumably they shot these scenes first then destroyed the “cage” and made it the HQ of the Crimson crew!
This shot of the basement is taken from the stairs leading down to it which are always pitch black when we visit and forget to bring torches. The broken columns in the centre wereleft behind by the film crew and indeed are just visible in the gloom from the outer door that is to the right of this picture at the back of the truck.

Sanja and I only got as far as episode three and gave up. The story is really cliched and simple, I guess it’s aimed at teenagers. I will watch the rest at some point just to see how much more of the monument is featured, so far it is by far the most exciting part of the show.