A few pix

Been spending quite  a bit of time, on-line, teaching folk how to speak proppa! Also Sanja and I signed up for the full 8 season popular business studies class at the Soprano academy. we normally manage three or four “lessons” an evening. For me it’s  a refresher course but for Sanja it’s her first time in New Jersey! Here are a few pictures of the times we’re not on the sofa or in front of our screens!

Now be honest doesn,t Dennis look positively innocent compared to the menacing minx sitting cross legged?
A pose I suppose! Nothing,s more important than adopting the correct stance when taking ones tea break, dontcha know?
You may well wonder, what on earth is he up to? As I do myself embarrasingly often! however this “project” featured in the previous photo as well is the bastardisation of what is probably a genuine art when practiced by some. I am attempting to build little fences around young saplings using the masses of excess of boring little spruce trees we have. They may not keep the greedy deer at bay but they are fun to construct!
B and B now stands for breakfast on the bench!
I did think of asking you to “Spot the Ball” on this one but perhaps itd be more appropriate to ask for the best “caption” to go with it? No points for the winner, and no points means… no prizes!
This picture is instructive not just because it shows a happy Sanja about to tuck in to her breakfast or because she is proudly modelling her brand new kinky boots! Nope this picture shows how easy it is to screw up an otherwise good picture by “alledged” photogographer getting his stupid shadow in the frame… DOH!
A piece a joy. This was the first time we used the refurbished wooden table that had been left to rot and die. It’s great to be back in the gazebo again too!
Having spent the last two decades rather spoilt for vegan choices and often the first amongst my friends to see and try new products as they came on to the market it is a weird throwback to get all excited again when your local supermarket starts a new vegan line. But in this animal unfriendly culture called Croatia I got quite moist at the news of three frozen vegan pizzas being available from Lidl! They are pretty good too!
Some of us were born with an indian all you can eat buffet silver fork in their mouth. Others have no excuse for looking like that!
Other than under a thick duvet I think this spot is now Sanjas favourite place at Barabrith. She eats every she can on it and spends large chunks of the day reading their too.
Breakfast in the sun on the bench is becoming a regular event for this pair of goons.
Yesterday evening we did the first planting of the season. It might be a bit early but if the gamble pays off we’ll have our onions again soon!