A day in Rijeka

We were invited for lunch ‘chez Kev’ in Rijeka and Kev being a bit of a clever dude when it comes to the vegan cuisine… off we went! I failed to take photos of the food but trust me, it was good!

Our guide and chef sits in the sun on the harbour wall at a safe distance from the sensory overload that is Sanja.
Along the Rijeka harbour wall there were several of these little plaques with quotaions from various seafareres from all over that had passed through the port in the last hundred years or so.
Sanja carefully surveys the Rijeka harbour before taking another snap of the industrial view across the water. Maybe she was fantasising that the big concrete tubes might hold equally big Pringle crisps within!
Take your time and remember this is a safety sign in the Balkans.
A rusty wreck floats slowly past an similarly rusty wreck on the harbour wall taking photos.
Sanja the slob tries to appear cool whilst surveying the view from the end of the slob zone of Rijeka harbour wall.
A pair of rowers pass by the end of the harbour wall and through the reflection of the setting sun.