Flowers and ice in the woods

We went for a walk yesterday….

There are very little signs of the snow and ice that covered the estate last week left. This little patch by the brook in the cool shelter of the trees is the last outpost and very pretty at that!
Our little brook is doing a good job of producing some wonderful ice sculptures.
What can you see in the ice? A shark stalking a rabbit? A smiley ice comet! No prizes for the best “vision” submitted by Feb 25th.
and here?
The first vivid colours of spring to appear in the woods, besides Sanjas jumper.
My little flower walks on down the track past some little yellow flowers.
This is what “our” wooods look like when they have been logged. Needless to say we will not be doing this to our couple of hectares.
Sanja finds it rather too hot having Dennis the Menace hiding down her pants!