A short walk at the beginning of December.

I went out today and did “the circuit” down across my fields and up through the woods. Turn left at the top along the track that follows the ridge along to Slatko’s, where his dogs do the best to make you feel unwelcome, and then down through the woods to where the track meets the top of our road. A bit of fresh air and exercise for me pins.

One of the little fruit trees near the house had frost on it all day today.
Sun flowers that are not very sunny.
The Elderflower tree still has some leaves on it.
A tower of frosty twig.
This is one of my new tree saplings totally encased in frost. How is it possible that life can survive through these conditions and later grow and one day bear fruit?
The dark branches of the best tree in the village. Perfect for a tree house but growing about 3 metres outside my land!
The path to the red gate stays green amidst the frosted long grass of the lower field at 3 oclock in the afternoon.
Oak leaves with frosty edges on one of the little trees in the lower field.
There was no sign of frost in amongst the trees.
The track along the ridge of the valley heading towards Slatko’s.
Just how could that tree have fallen there and not smashed that roof? That corrugated roof stuff is not that tough. This is on the way back from Slatko’s to the village by the lower path.
Leaves underfoot in the woods just above the village. Its not a very clear shot but the colours are what I was interested in.