Cold progress

There I was wittering on about frost one day and what happens the next? It goes and snows! Properly! Not nough to cause problems but enough to induce one to drive very carefully! Geez how old am I getting?

There was no sign of snow when I drove in to town to drop Marko off at the station. A couple of hours later when I returned…
The top section of the road to Barabrith was untouched snow and driving up the hill caused the auto skid control to kick in a considerable amount!
The garage is a little on the short side for protecting the car from such weather. Something must be done!
Matchka – the cat- must have thought of climbing my stairs to her fave vantage point and then changed her mind.
The old apple and plum trees settle in for another winter.
I doubt the solar panels will be generating much power under that lot!
The apple tree that bore the fruit the latest now has snow hanging off it as well as a few hardy apples.

and then the almost obligatory selfie just for comic relief at the end of an otherwise not very entertaining post…

Thats not crap photography, well yes it is…. but the white out is not due to a failure of contrast or exposure. It all went white!