A short walk in the sun and a dam inspection

This morning I set off for a quick (ish) walk down around the lower field. The sun was out but it was nice and chilly. The dogs ran ahead of me.

Left to right, The gazebo, the house, the neighbours house behind the pear tree and then the smoking shed!!!
The rickety old fence that divides the upper and lower fields will probably be removed early next year.
One last leaf on one of the sapling sI moved to the lower field. Will it survive the winter or not?
Another last leaf clings on to a replanted sapling. This one protected by a stick stockade! Will it help it survive the coming cold?
Are these the late autumn or winter colours of the lower field and woods?
About the only bright colours left in the lower field is the rosehiop buds. Strange how just one branch of this bush retains all its leaves and the rest have gone.
Leaves from one of the little oak tress in tne lower field.
The little brook is merrily flowing along unaware of its impending change!
Ena inspects the dam works.
The dogs stayed on the old path back up the hill occasionally looking down at me with a bemused stare.
Paths to the left and paths to the right, what would the little people say?

And now back at my keyboard ready to do some tutoring or should that be tuttoring? maybe easier to just say teaching!…..ho hum!