Sunday visitors

It’s been quiet around here, I mean it always is in comparison with my previous life in Hackney but these last few weeks have passed by quickly but quielty! I guess the absence of Sanja grows more noticeable as time goes by!

So it was a delight to have some visitors today. Kevin and Tanja drove over ostensibly to pick up a guitar that Sanja had left here but really I know it was to come and try my famous burek. They have recently decamped from Serbia to Croatia so I had to call it “pita” but I prefer the sound of “burek” and hey I made it so I’ll call it what I want! Ok?

I may have got a bit carried away, or at best over estimated the eating capacities of todays guests! Still i have enough left to get me through till Wednesday breakfast I think.

Visitors is also my excuse to make cake and round here that means Bara Brith and so with only a slight deviation in the ingredients I made one of those too.

Todays Brarbrith was rather good even if I say so myself and this picture also nicely shows off the little wooden table that was falling apart and I resurrected this week.

Once again my visitors were weilding fancy photograph machines so here are some of their pictures.

Me, Tanja and Kevin take a break from an in depth discussion on the relative virtues of different mugs.
Kevins photos shows how colourful the mug shelf can look.

Truth be told I asked them to bring a clever digital camera in order to take some better quality portraits of myself (is that a contradiction in terms? see below for evidence) to submit to my prospective new employers. More on that another time.

This poor trait will not be submitted because even after judicous editing the lines on my shirt make me look more like the Michelin man than I want to think about!