Library lifestyle

The joy of rainy days is to have a perfect excuse to read a book. I have a little library full of books that “need” reading.

The whole works to be read.
But which one to read next?
I just finished The Scottish prisoner by Diana Gabaldan an engrossing read. Had trouble putting it down!! Thanx to Pauline for that birthday pesent. And now I have started on my Rebus (Ian Rankin) collection. I got the lot from a charity shop for less than the original cover price of one of them. I read the first book in its entirety yesterday. I miss charity shops, there are none over here of the same ilk!
These shelves include the “punk’ section!
These shelves include my art books and my collection of collections, George R.R. Martin, Diana Gabaldan, Laurell K. Hamilton and Ian Rankin etc.

To get to my library from my bed I can now walk on rugs the wole way thanx to my latest textile flea market acquisition! This rug has a cigarette burn in it but it just looks like a rogue part of the pussy paw pattern and that pattern was too funny not to be bought for four quid!