Pools and paths.

The weather has been swinging between foggy and wet and rather nice and sunny without being too hot. When its not raining and my bones are not aching too much I’ve been working in the lower field. My plan to scythe meandering paths through the long grass and other vegetation is almost done. Hopefully they will still be visible when the spring comes and then I will need to regularly keep them clear with my large curvy cutter!

You can see the path linking up the interesting trees and hopefully forming a barrier around the thorny little trees growing on the right of this photo lower down.

The other project may have best been described by a friend as sounding like “building  sand castles and damns on the beach when I was a child”! The idea is that I create a mud wall big enough to create a ‘watering hole’ in the little stream that runs along between the bottom of our lower field and the woods. I’ve dug a bit of a pool and most of the wall. Which I will leave to “settle” now till the spring and then when the stream is less full I will close the gap and see what happens!

The first day of digging.

Thw wall now extends across both banks of the stream.

The wall of mud!
It rained the next day and he pool filed up with rain water! It works!! The trench on the left will be where I divert the stream away from the damn come the right day.
The river Radonja which wigggles its way along the valley of the main road near my house is like ll the rivers and stream at the moment very full!
A quick shot of my two houses in the morning sun with a rather threatening sky behind them!