Mist and murals

I’ve spent too much time inside on the computer of late. And now I’ve commited myself to doing some online English tutoring this situation can only get worse! Still when the stove is lit the room is warm and I have plenty to read.

Most mornings and sometimes most of the day has looked like this from my easterly exit! Today though we are being blessed with some afternoon sun!
The little Radonjia river is not so little again!
The last bit of bush gets scythed out of the way so all my pathways across the lower field are now linked up. And then in spring they will all start becoming overgrown within a week or so of the first sunny days and I will be dead on my feet trying to keep them clear…. oh what a bright future to behold.
The walls of Karlovac are occasionally decorated with fine murals, this is one of a local writer/ poet. “None of us knows what awaits him tomorrow, and happiness may be right there, next to you, not gone forever, not so far away” – Slavko Mihalić.  It looks out from the edge of a small housing estate very close to the centre of town.
Here’s another just across the road from t’other. This one was obviously done when the whole block was redecorated. I wonder who she is…? a quick google and translation tells me.. this is ” Croatian writer and teacher Dragojla Jarnević” presumably a local!?
More here for the keen… https://www.journal.hr/lifestyle/kultura/umjetnost-i-dizajn/dva-nova-murala-karlovac-procelja-slavko-mihalic-dragojla-jarnevic/
This is what the next wall down the street looks like. I titled it “The Art of War” artist unknown (!?)  it shows the scars of bullets and grenades from a few decades ago as do so many old walls in Karlovac.
There is also lots of unofficial (I assume!) nationalist graffitti/murals often linked to football teams and rather scary! This one is within sight of the other two above.