Like a London bus….

Usually the tacky pix I post are my own as you can tell from the overload of selfies! This post is all about quality images sent from my friend Marusa in Ljubjana. She and Andre visited earlier this year and took many pictures with a fancy big camera. Here at last are the results of our visit to the Partizan Hospital and Petrova Gora monument.  Hvala Marusa!

Marusas picture of the partizan hospital graves in the sunset has been cruelly cropped by yours truly, I promise not to do it again!
I gues a pro. photographer would stand around and wait for the sunlight to catch this overgrown sign but this is pretty damn close!
Four of the faces of the medical staff that used to adore the walls now roll around on the floor.
Sanja and I approach the sealed entrance to the monument. The greeny grey coluring on the walls was painted on by the film company and some of the walls were tidied up with fake concrete made of polstyrene.
I love this shot. Sanja and I climbing the staicase of the monument with just a snatch of sunlight illuminating us admist the strange gloomy interior.
All the domed skylights that covered these natural lighting sources have been destroyed as was the stainless steel outer wall covering. This monument now stands as a testament not to the fighters against fascism for whom it was dedicated but as proof of the stupidity of nationalism, war and humans inability to see what is valuable and worth having in life and what is not.
I have tried to capture this shot a few times but this one is pefect. The dreary doom laden colours are a result not just of the natural decay and time of day but the paintwork by the film company. They painted mold and “chemical disaster” on to much of the surfaces of the first three floors.
The subtle blues and greys of the oncoming twilight surround the top of the Petrova Gora Monument.
Marusa captured this “warning” sign left by the German film company as part of their set decorations in the basement of the monument. “EU GOVERNMENT, BIOLOGICAL TESTING FACILITY, GENETIC ENGINEERING, ADVANCED WEAPONS TESTING, AUTHORIZED ENTRY, TOP SECRET CLEARANCE ONLY” Wow it ust be VERY important and VERY dangerous! Can’t wait for the film to come out. The door is fake, made of light wood!