Petrova Gora Monument and Partizan Hospital Museum as they were.

The two favourite local placesof interest for our guests are the Petrova Gora Monument and Partizan Hospital Museum, hence all the photos in this blog! Both are interesting as much for the state of delapitation that their “owners” (the Croatian state?) have let them fall in to. Everytime I visit either place they have changed in some way, be it a tree falling on a cabin or a new piece of graffiti! So what did they look like originally? Here are some scans from an old tourist booklet.

This was the hostel at the Partizan hospial where school kids stopped, had food and stayed the night! It is now almost totally hidden by trees and undergrowth.
From the first building you come to at the Partizan Hospital this is the original display of the medical staff and workers.
A postcard of the Petrova Gora monument from the 1980’s.
Totally crazy effect as sunset light bounces off the monument’s shiny steel outer surface.
Notice the tower originally had no aerials or satellite dishes on top.

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