The last fortnight has flown past

Since Sanja left, life around here has been a bit quiet for me, I have been catching up on lots of computer stuff I had put on hold and trying to get on with garden stuff now the weather is more “Jon friendly”. These pictures span Sanja’s last days here and a few since then.

Sometime ago I built some shelve sin the barn and sealed up these doors in the process. Today months later Sanja painted the new wood over to fit the rest of the carefully chosen theme……. black!
Those legs on the recliner – dead centre of the picture – belong to Sanja as she enjoys one of the last summery days of the year.
Winter is coming. The window sills and some of the window frames of our house are in need of a coat of paint. I decided the second front door could do with one too. Sanja put her dexterous finger skills to use once again.
Here is the shiny new brown window sill and frame with Sanja working on the side front door with the wooden house in the background.
Sanja took this photo a day or two before the EU ripped her from my embrace and out across the border of privilege! I like the compilation of images. My Mexican hat in shadow form, the little scythe, the big sledge frame and Matchka wandering nonchalantly through the middle.
No more Sanja has meant a bit more Cromwell for me. I find myself finally nearing the end of this wonderful book and rather upset at the idea he’s not gonna survive! What a wuss I am!
Sanja and I built this gate for the sake of it and then she begged to paint it red or something else innapropiate. Once she had gone I felt so sad I went out on the first sunny day and did it for her. This is the rather photogenic result!
I made myself some burek this week. They were a combination of Mushroom, onion, tofu, broccoli and cheese but not all at once! Six lasted me for two meals!
Inspired by the look of the side door that we painted I decided to make use of two days of promised sunshine and do another set of windows and the main front door. And at last a chance to insert a bad selfie!!
It is fungi time again! A fortnight of lots of wet weather, including a rain storm that lasted all night, and then a day or two of sun and these things are popping up all over the lower field. In the woods I picked two Parasol mushrooms and left another four ready for another day.
Two Parasol mushroom heads fried in a little olive oil with sea salt crystals, went down as a very nice “starter” for today’s meal.
I’ve started planting tree saplings in the lower field. There are loads of little apple, pear and plums sprouting up around the old trees in places where they won’t survive and will be in the way if they do. So I’m digging them out and replanting them. I have banished the neighbours sheep from grazing in the field anymore as they ate all the leaves off four of the first ones I moved! So here I am watering a young apple tree and wondering if it’ll survive the winter and maybe the deer! This one is a good selfie, innit?