Phancy photos phrom Phrance

Usually the tacky pix I post are my own as you can tell from the overload of selfies! This post is all about quality images sent from my friend Thierry in Paris. He and Monika visited last year and took many pictures with a fancy big camera. Here at last are the results of our visit to the Partizan Hospital and Petrova Gora monument.  Merci Thierry.

The Partizan printers building.
A thoughtful Monika at the Partizan Hospital
Looking out of Partizan hospital windows.
The Petrova Gora monument shrouded in mist
A visitor in red admires the scale of the Petrova Gora monument
The view down the spiral staircase of the Petrova Gora monument.
The view from the windows of the monument over the mist covered forest.