Today was Thursday

Another day another 8 hour power cut as HEP replace old power cables in our area. We hope that the freezers are staying frozen! So with no Hifi or Wifi to entertain us we went for a walk to the “Turkish Castle” as Stonky calls it, twenty minutes or so into the local woods. There is not much castle left but its a good excuse for a walk!

There are two bits of castle wall left that look like they belonged to a stronghold of somekind, this is one of them. As you can see from Sanja’s ecstatic facial expression she was very impressed with this bit of local history.
Food is a deeply significant part of Sanja’s life. Here I captured her in deep contemplation of the relative meaning of existence for the soya meat ball given its imminent fate and her own life.
Tonight Sanja and I went wild with the peanuts, spices and the mega blender! The result was three empty packets of roasted peanuts and eight jars of “interestingly flavoured” peanut butters. Bring on the toast!