Scrabbling and swimming!

The last few days the weather has cooled  to the kind of temperature that I like to go out in. I took Sanja to see our local “Gypsy” cave in the woods by our road. The next day we met Mia for a day by the river Mrežnica. It now being September there was no one else around as it is now officially too cold for swimming. Funnily enough someone did turn up and went for a swim and he turned out to be Scottish! We played scrabble, ate a picnic, swam and messed about in the water falls. All very idyllic and then Sanja and I cycled home which took less than an hour to do. We will return!

Sanja scarmbles down the slope to the cave entrance.
Sanja gives it her best shot at doing a Morrisey impression. In the lower larger cave!
“Something wicked this way comes” is it a grubby urchin or a blackhearted witch? Or my dear Sanja caught by the trick of the light as she exits the upper cave.
Is that a pose or a very tenative stepping off a stone in to the water?
Swans and sirens! Sanja and Mia navigate the stones that line the water falls. The swans were very hopeful that we would feed them.
Princess Poseidon enjoys a theraputic back massage from her throne over looking her river!


Water, water everywhere and clear enough to drink! A little bit of the Mrežnica water falls that wouldn’t look out of place in the Plitvica National Park!
Poetry in motion I may not be but diving in to a clear cool river is a divine feeling!

and makes a splash!
Is it a lake? Nope its the deep wide and clear Mrežnica river just above the water falls at Belavići next to Duga Resa less than an hours bike ride from Barabrith!
Sanja and Mia walk up the path from the river.