Mugs, Berries, logs and fantasy.

What can you say about this pair? I blame their parents!

I have often said that my home is where my hi-fi is set up. It maybe that I should add a caveat that adds “and where my mug shelves are”. Finally my kitchen became complete as this week my mugs came out of their boxes, were washed, and installed in their new home.

The tabula rasa of a wall without shelving!!
Originally the plan was to shape the shelves in a tree like pattern but the realisation that I needed to maximise the shelf space meant that  fancy idea was dropped.
“A craftsman at work” would be a bit of a stretch but these shelves are primarily made from recycled wood that we tore off the ceiling from the little room that was in the attic and has now gone! So precision and perfect lines were not a likely outcome with this project. Scoring full marks for ecological cred is however a given!
The kitchen, dining room, pool room, mug museum and lounge is now a truly multi functional room! This photo shows the process of choosing which mugs get to go out on the shelves and which go back in the banana boxes.
A panoramic – hence “the warp” view of the finished mug shelves. Sadly they only have space for half of my collection so more will have to be made!
Sanja tries out a mammary mug.  She is now gradullay working her way, tea by tea – and the occasional barley cup- trying out her favourite looking mugs!
The rump of the wood pile remained out in the sun till at least it was cool enough one evening for Sanja and I to put the last logs away in the wood shed.
This little fellow was happily esconced at the bottom of the wood pile, which had been there for at least a month, and we ruined his day for sure!
Sanja shows off her barbarian credentials. Did she fall in to the magic potion when she was born?
Some of the many black berries amongst the brambles in our lower field.
Sanja picks enough blackberries in our lower field to make tomorrows breakfast yoghurt a rich dark purple!
Sanja charged at me with the new rake, I ducked as the plastic teeth swished over my head and scraped my back. I ran for my life zig zaging across the lawn as garden tools became deadly projectiles hurled in my direction………