Visitors from afar and projects begun!

Here’s a quick review of the last two weeks. We had old friends from Prague visiting with whom we went to the coast. Then a couple of mates fom Ljubjana called by for a night. Now Sanja and I are alone with the cat whilst Marko and Sunni do their annual holiday to Sibenik etc.

Sanja settles in to my hammock.
Sanja picks onions in the summer sunset.
Our onions are picked, cleaned, topped and tailed and then left to dry.
Some of our onion harvest left to dry out in the workshop.
Its Rakja making time again!

Sanja and I have started the mammoth task of photographing all my t-shirts!

So the idea is that my t-shirt collection be documented, photographed with the help of Sanja becuase there are many, like the one above that I don’t comfortably fit in to anymore. Then I will try and sell those I can part with on Etsy. The above shirt is an original from the early 1980’s given to me by a friend who’s boyfriend was no longer in to such things!
These fragile remains of a t-shirt are approximately 10 years older than the wearer Sanja. My first ever self bought t-shirt it was an “iron on sticker design” bought from a stall on the second floor of the Leicester indoor market in 1979. I added a Damned patch to the other side a year later.
Sanja models my Ant-Nowhere League shirt, the one with I Hate People on the back! This was the shirt I wore most of the way around my inter-rail trip of Europe and indeed the first time I was in Zagreb, then Yugoslavia! passing through on the way from Athens to Stuttgart back in 1987 or was it 88?


Sanja the bug eyed smirking reaper creeps up on an unsuspecting old goof!
Sanja and our bikes, she’s riding my Trek with the amazing dynamo that illuminates her and the road ahead beautifully on the night rides back from Karlovac.
Bandit, Lenka, Rad and a strange guy in red lounge around on the slope below the house.
The strange guy in red reappears on top of the Petrova Gora monument with a Replicant from Nexus-6!?
We visit the partizan hospital hidden in the nearby woods quite often. The subtle plaque from the Russian Federation is not our favourite bit but it makes a good prop! Here Sanja and Rad try there best to ignore me and keep smiling!
Dario, in the mask, shows us around the old town and tourist packed sea front of Zadar.
Sanja the reluctant tourist wanders the seafront of Zadar listening to the “wave organ”. – “The Sea organ is an architectural sound art object located in Zadar, Croatia and an experimental musical instrument, which plays music by way of sea waves and tubes located underneath a set of large marble steps.” – It was pretty cool, unlike the weather that day!
The sun comes down on the bay of Pasman island.
Bandit, Rads Husky dog patrols the shore outside the house on Pasman. Bandit gets worried when anyone jumps in to the water!
The silhouette of a friend on top of the Petrova Gora monument, we went twice last week.
Our first proper cycling visitors, unless you count Blazh who cycles everywhere! These two wheeled comrades pedalled all the way from Ljubljana and on to the island of Krk!
Sanja hates shopping, even when I pay for it! But here she is with mask and shopping trolley heading to the Kaufland carpark. Spot the summer essentials, lettuce and watermelon!
Friday saw us up reltively early and off in to Karlovac to buy supplies for the car free week ahead. At the flea market this black accoustic guitar with a Fender logo caught Sanja’s eye! Now she is learning how to play our fave punk rock melodies, folky style!
For many years I have dreamt of learning the accordian. I bought this huge beast of a squeeze box from the long gone Dalston Flea Market. We opened up the box it has been wrapped in for 5 years or more and of course the musical genius that is Sanja picked it up and played it straight off! Do you see how many unmarked buttons there are on it, how the hell am i gonna remember those chords! More chance of learning to speak the impossibly complicated Serbo-Croatian!
Looks good (?), sounds awful !
The screen in the Stari Grad, Karlovac Castle where we saw A Clockwork Orange on Thursday night. That was a little weird for me considering its history of being banned in the UK. We enjoyed a veggie burger and chips at the castle restaurant before the film, the only thing on their menu they could offer that was vegan!