Outdoor pursuits

The weather changed for the cooler and it rained quite a bit this last week but the last few days have also had some glorious sunny days that were not too hot to be outside doing some gardening in.  First I had a quick snack out in the gazebo, Kaufland’s soya yoghurt with fruit and cornflakes added in.

“Take it Veggie” is Kauflands badly named veggie and vegan line of foods. You’d think they’d ask an English speaker if it makes sense first wouldnt you?
Digging over what I hope will be future veg plots. It was so warm I did most of the work topless but put my shirt back on to show some photographic decorum! Amusingly I can’t get this image to rotate the right way up!
This shiny fork was a gift from my folks long ago when Marta and I started doing the allotment. The handle broke years ago and I finally managed to fix a new one just last week. I can’t resist a dramatic image or should that be “stupid pose” – don’t all shout at once!
A slightly too oversized comb for my whiskers but good for a serious scratch!

It also gave me a window to do another section of the repainting the concrete walkway around the house. I chose to do the steps up to my door.

Or in deed to take out a bike to deliver my latest ebay sale to the Krnjak post office in the short 4 hour window it is open in the early morning each day. Then I had the chance to try the track that comes off the main road near Krnjak and follows the ridgeway along the top of the valley around to the woods and then back down tothe top of our road. Unsuprisingly the road is  a bit steep to start with but once up high its a nice ride till you reach Slatko’s big white sheep dogs (time to get off so they recognise you as human rather than an alien intruder!)

My dear old Cannondale has not been off the security of tarmac for sometime. We both felt rather adventurous!
The leafy and slightly muddy track through the woods back to our road from the top of the valley.

It was a short ride but enjoyable and a nice change to the main road.