Free time

My folx have gone, Marko and Sunni have gone to Sibenik and so I am free to do what I like. A week or so ago we heard a wierd noise that sounded like some animal attacking the structure of the house. The next day I discovered a load of the polystyrene insulation and bits of wood and plaster on the walkway below an enlarged whole in the wall below the underhang of our roof. Something was trying to get in, or out! I put sealing up this route in to the roof cavity on my list of things to do.

The ladders go up again.
The gap begins to get smaller. You can see where some animal has been attacking the insulation and waterproofing material.
The gap or should that be entrance, is sealed off and painted over.

Now I’m going back to painting the red walkway, it’s time to tackle my stone stairs.