Catching up

I’ve been busy and rather down of late which is not a good combination for inspiring writing of a blog that anyone else might want to read! So a quick pictorial catch up on the latest news from Barabrith follows:

We have been chasing the goal of bureaucratic legitimacy as regards our future “renting out rooms” business. This resulted in being passed from one office to another, round and around paying forpieces of paper to be photocopied and signed over and over. We had an “unofficial” inspection from four members of the Karlovac Council tourist people! For that we tidied up all the rooms and crossed our fingers. The result was we were told we’d have to now get another inspection for the fire regulations… and so it goes on.
I finally got a chance to go and visit “Maggie” who’s mother was selling a “vintage” pool table. It looked kind of special in the Njuskalo (the Croatian Ebay) advert. Turns out the table has travelled with the family for 30 years or more and travelled from Australia to Croatia! It’s a beauty, an old school English table with curved pocket entrances and a solid slate bed. I checked one could sit comfortably underneath it, as this will unfortunately have to double as a dining table once safely covered. It will cost me nigh on £2 grand in total but one of my long term dreams is now in sight of realisation. I hope to pick the table up in a couple of weeks time.
After the “Tourist Office” inspection we were told we also need an electrical inspection. This was done quickly by an electrican we were recommended to but given we had to pay about £90 for it that may be not so suprising.
Our neighbours wheat crop that has been growing on our land was finally ready for harvesting and so this mechanical beast rolled through our yard and onto the field.
Stonky – our neighbour – drives his tractor up ready to collect the freshly cut wheat. Thankfully the combine did no damage to our trees or bushes this time.
The combine leads the parade back out of our gate with one of the neighbours annoying dogs leading up the rear.
The concrete pathway around the front of our house was severly messed up when we dug it up trying to locate the water leak. Now having bought, sand, cement and a bright orange conceete mixer and with the weather not wet it was time to fix it! This involved digging out the soil and rubble then stamping down and leveling off the rocks -hard core- before we build a frame and then cover it all with fresh homemade licquid concrete!
The one good thing about working on the path around this side of the house is that it is in shade almost all day long. Sadly I couldnt get the right digging angle without slipping in to the sun every now and then.
Whilst driving around the outermost suburbs of Zagreb in search of my pool table I discovered this monument. I thought it looked impressive despite being stuck out in the middle of nowhere! I brought Marko and Sunni back to see it a wek later. Turns out it was built to secifically commemorate the Roma victims of fascism which is a rarity according to Marko.

It has gone back to being too hot for me to be outside so I’ve been packing new Active books into boxes ready for shipping to London. I fixed a large fan that we found in a rubbish pile so now I can lie in my hammock and feel a serious breeze blowing through the string.