Concrete knees

The path to true happiness is shopping and buying power tools comes pretty high up the list (not quite as high as buying a pool table) but buying a bright orange concrete mixer is a rare treat indeed!

The first stages of the pathway to a new pathway.
The view from my room looking down at Marko and Stonky constructing the wooden frame for the cement to fill out.
The concrete should fill up this wooden frame.

This we did in order to finish off repairing the path that around the house DIY style. This we have been doing with the inevitable supervision from the Stonky The Supervisor (our neighbour).

We may have slightly over estimated the amount of sand wed need, but hey maybe we can start on a swimming pool!! But just look at that big shiny orange machine!
Our first concrete mix courtesy of Stonky Building Services. Please note the shiny new metal bucket that is part of our new fire fighting equipment.

We have got as far as the fine layer of concrete on top, next we need to make an adjustment to stop the two small spots where water pools, then we can paint it and repaint the rest of the pathway all red!  The concrete mixer was washed down and stored away in the barn for next time.

Matchka and daughter coming to help with smoothing out the concrete. “Daughter” is back temporarily as her family are on holiday. The two of them have been either sleeping or play fighting non stop… families eh!
We keep dousing the concrete with water so it doesn’t over heat too quickly. Next step will be cleaning, prepping and painting.

Today we had a “fire inspection” for the wooden house which we passed! The B&B business creeps slowly closer!