There’s no cinema near us which is not suprising given we live in the coutryside but even Karlovac doesn’t have a cinema. Well it does – Kino Edison – but it closed down decades ago and now a fine historic building sits doing nothing in the central park.  Well I guess it’s waiting for European funding to turn it into an arts centre but who knows….! There is an organistaion called and they put on films during the summer months (or whenever!). Last night I made my way to the Karlovac castle known as Stari Grad Dubovac where a midnight showing of X-Men Dark Phoenix was shown. The castle is not big and is just right for an atmospheric venue to show films in. There were about 25 other folk there but thankfully they all sat at the back so I was happily alone and undistracted a couple of rows from the front bang in the middle! The projectionist must be a bit of an old punk, for the 20 odd minutes before the film we were entertained by a range of songs from The Toy Dolls to Motorhead and even the latest Laibach Sound of`Music track – most amuising given the setting.  I finished off a bar of raw date and fig choclate I had found in a supermarket in Zagreb and so despite the film being only so so it was a good night.  These photos are not mine or from last night!

See that guy in orange at the front with his feet on the well, that’s where I was last night!
The entrance to Stari Grad Dubovac
Would be a good place to show Macbeth or the last but one episode of GOT!

The ride home at 2am was a cool quiet joy, my Cannondale sped along and my dodgy foot didn’t complain at all!