Produce and Survive

This years veg crop has been hard hit by the extreme fluctuations in weather. But we have harvested the peas, shelled, bagged and frozen them besides the ones we ate in a sauce with rice that very day.

The first of four baskets of peas to be processed!
Nice green peas with only a few worms, and only little ones!

A day later the beans were given the same treatment!

A bean fresh from the upper garden.
They just look like big peas!

On another note Laibach came to Zagreb and despite only finding out about it 5 hours before the gig was due to start we rearranged the weekend a travel plans and I got to see them do their new Sound of Music set. It’s not their best stuff but twas good to see them play even if it was in the underground carpark of the Museum of Modern Art! I bumped into old friends on the way out and ended up staying the night at their place in Zagreb, all in all the night was a good distraction from the heat and other misery.

Laibach only played one “hit” all night and it was Sympathy for the Devil can’t think what they were implying with that image!