Finally I did it!

It’s an iconic image and a beautifully simple tool. But it’s actually quite tricky to master, I am still learning but for sure it’s a lot easier to do in a cool temperature!

This morning, my good intention to get up early in the morning before the sun has a chance to ruin the day with it’s cancerous rays of burning heat and do some gardening finally happened! I was up at 5am and out with my scythe by 5.15am. I spent two hours chopping or maybe swishing away (scything) at the long grass and the plethora of weeds that has grown up around the house and over in the upper garden. By 7.30am it was getting too hot and I retired to my bed feeling like my days work was done!

There is no intent to create a golf course or croquet lawn but just a manageable bit of grass and its accompanying weeds in between the fruit bushes and trees.
The weeds in the back garden had got to the one metre height that makes grass cutting quite hard work but hey whos fault is it that that they got that high, hey?

The question is will I manage to do it again, soon?