Too hot even with the hair gone!

Today the temperature is too hot! According to accuweather the “real feel” temperature is 34 degrees celsius. Last night it stayed at 20 degrees all night. I took advantage of my new found freedom and had a hair cut last week which was nicely validated by a friend in Ljubjana telling me that “now I would be scared if I met you alone at night on the street” ! Moi!?

Selfie in Prague with a photo studio backdrop

Anyway here are the transformative hair pix so you won’t be too scared next time you see me!

Can’t believe I had a hair cut and then forgot to shave! Well I guess theres always tomorrow…
Rather pink but that might be the result of the sudden light headedness and less grey too!

There are no photos of anything else because I’m staying inside next to my new best friend my fan! But maybe I’ll drag myself down to the local river later for a restorative cool swim.

In this summer weather I become a big fan of my little fan. It was on all last night pointing at my head!