Ljubjana for the weekend

Someone must have been having a laugh when these were installed, presumably to protect the corner stones of the entrance to the house in Ljubjana.

I spent the weekend in in Ljubjana, a brief holiday with the excuse of meeting old comrades from London who were  in town for a discussion about their magazine.  I managed to squeeze three or four vegan visitations into the three days despite almost everything  being closed on Sunday and many vegan cafes closed also on Saturday!  I also mangaed a trip to the Kinovodor cinema, a cool indie cinema that cost only 5 euros to get into. Later I joined comrades at the ROG squat  there the womens choir Kombinat were doing an “open rehearsal” in support of the Rog space that is under threat of eviction.

This gorgeous creamy quiche was eaten at Barbarella in the arcade alongside the market of central Ljubjana.

Saturday afternoon found me doing something I very very rarely do, watching football! This was a local anti fascist football turnament and there were fine vegan kebabs on sale and a very sweet organic pear juice so I was pretty happy despite the excess sunshine!

Two teams greet each other in comradely fashion before getting down to the earnest task of chasing a ball around in the hot sun, for fun!
The heat did not deter the enthusiasm of all teams playing at five a side footie at the Anti-Fascist Football toiurnament in Ljubjana.

Back home this morning I discovered the kittens have conquered the climb up my eastern staircase. They were all suckling happily on mother Matchka until I opened the door when Matchka decide my room was too tempting and jumped up and left the little guzzllers looking rather miffed.

As I looked out of my window this morning I discovered the cats have taken over my eastern stairway.
Matchka the sleepy feeder under feeding attack from her kittens.
Matchka jumps up and leaves the hungry kittens momentarily dazed by her sudden exit.
Matchkas kittens wondering where their breakfast has walked off to?