It’s getting hot out there so I’m staying in!

The weather has turned uncomfortably hot so I’m staying in my room with the doors and windows closed during the day and opening them at night to let the cool air in again.

The grapevine stretches up to the sun.

The kittens are wandering around all over the place and sleeping all over the place too. Funnily enough their cuteness has been overpowered by their “annoyingness” as far as their hosts Markos & Sunni are concerned and so new homes are urgently being sort for them.

Hiding in from the morning sun the kittens take a well earned nap after spening much of the night causing chaos!

My time inside has been delightfully spent wrapt up in the latest Shardlake adventure Tombland. Marta sent it to me for a rather belated birthday present. It tells a great dective tale swept up in the story of the Commonwealth rebellion led my the Kitt brothers in the time between Henry the 8th and Elizabeth 1st. It’s full of great enthusiasm for revolutionary notions that today we might take for granted like an end to serfdom and other more anarchic ones such as “working folk can organise themselves” which are yet to come!

I’m still procastinating about whether or not to turn this beauty of a barrel in to a post box or not!

Now I am about to plunge in to Fire and Blood J.R.R Martins latest tome. That will probaly keep me disinterested in anything else for the next week or so. Expect fewer blog postings!

The pomegranate and grapevine are loving the sunny weather and seem to be getting on together fine!