Here are some self explanatory photos that should update you on the things I’m up to and where I have go to with various things. The Bed and Breakfast project is now awaiting a visit form some tourist office types who will doubtless want us to fill in some more paperwork and then pay £6 to have copies made and kept on file!

I’ve almost cleared all the tall weeds from the upper garden and to my delight both the little oak trees I transplanted are doing well.
These are some boxes of things that have to be sorted and found homes including my old hifi, video machine, old G5, hifi cables, computer cables, pamphlets and so on..
More boxes to be sorted include my photograph albums, lamps, sewing machine, pamphlets and all kinds in nick nacks! It’s an interesting contemplative affair going through my stuff that sometimes dates back almost 40 years!
These boxes are of the stuff I have been listing for sale on ebay, theres over 120 items there now! Everything from dodgy German Hip Hop mags to rubber Donald Duck figurines from the 1960s!
I’m really enjoying listening to my tape collection especially the compilation tapes (I think I’ve said this before!) but soon I’ll have to take them all out and put them back in alphabetical order, won’t I! because that’s what one does, innit?
Here is the sea shell mobile I made for Vanja, it  always reminded me of how beautiful she looked swimming through the bright clear Croatian sea, I guess it still does.
Today was a nice day with a breeze strong enough, for the first time, to make it worth opening the Western and Northern doors and the cool air making its way through the whole room and keeping me cool.
The view outta my North facing door on to the minimalist balcony. Still it lets the breeze in! Spot the snake draft excluder on the floor made by yours truly at the tender age of 9 or 10!!!!
The big empty square in the woods on the other side of the valley is the bit we don’t own and have so far failed to persuade the owners to sell even after they cut down and sold all the timber last year. This kind of fucks up my ideas for the woods buit there’s plenty else to do for the moment.
Wood is the name of the construction game in my space. There are many more shelves to build and wood to be lacquered!
These tools are not meant to be stored in my room and I promise myself daily to take them back to the tool room… soon!
My dart board is up and ready, my darts have arrived and now I gotta put in some practice, that score of 21 was familiarly disapointing!
My hammock is now my favourite place in the whole wide world!

The pool table project (probably the most important one I am doing) is still live, just taking its sweet time!