Brown Paint, Black Garlic and Eyes open.

There are a plethora of things that need doing around the house, in my den, in the gardenss and in the woods. I’ve been concentrating on sorting out my stuff in my room but the recent stormy weatehr reminded me that I really need to do some repainting on the exposed wood on the outside of the roof above my doors, especially on the west side. Trouble is it’s quite high! So far I’ve only been able to reach the bit near my stairs. Still that bit was the worse for wear and now its a shiny new brown.

The west facing wooden beams and under hang are badly worn, hopefully this layer of paint will help keep them strong a bit longer. Gotta do those stairs soon too!
Hopefully you can make out how far my paint brush arm could reach! Gonna have to see how far me and the ladder can stretch from the ground upwards now!

Marko built his Black Garlic Magic Machine a couple of garlicy smelly months ago. The fruit of his labour gradually lost its odour as the caramelisation process progressed. Today we cracked open the bulbs and peeled all the cloves. Some were super soft, some were wet, some were firm and succulent and my favourite ones were hard and chewy like a sweet jerky pepperoni vegan meat!  Sounds good, dunnit! Well don’t worry we’ll soon be launching a world wide marketing campaign and making a fortune out the this garlic gone black.

Black Garlic unwrapped!
Four peeld black garlic cloves, one unpeeled and the rest of the bulb.
Our Black garlic got sorted into; the “ready,” the “too tough for some”, the “brown ones we’e not sure what to do with” an dthe squishy ones that became instant black garlic spread on rice cakes!
I think this waste garlic would make a good jigsaw picture.

Not really fussed what the humans at Barabrith are up to? Came back just to check up on Matchka and her kittens? Well they have started opening their eyes and Mathka leaves them alone for longer and longer so who knows how much longer this little pile of furry faces will stay together?

Pink eared liitle kittens with eyes open at last!