Landscaping the upper garden and blockading the birds.

Due to my foot keeping me in the Uk for longer than expected and then effectively out of action for weeks I missed the early spring season for arranging the upper garden veg patch as I wished. Now I’m following a different timetable that means I’m clearing the weeds and creating beds of compostable mulch that I hope will beready to plant next year. By then the grass should have grown around the randomly shaped beds and so be easy to keep for being over grown with the use of my trusty scythe! We’ll see if it works out! Below you can just about make out a bed or two and the soild cleared and planted with grass seed. There’s lots more to do but I’m waiting for some more rain so I can work when its cool and the weeds pull out easier.

The left side of this picture has the rows of veg already planted, the extreme right is the top of our neighbours wheat (in our field) the middle is uncleared weeds and the area I have cleared and sowed grass in dotted with our fruit trees and bushes and beds of leaves and weeds that will keep the ground clear and moist for next years planting…. maybe!

Today I just about finished painting the under hang wood and filled in three old bird nest holes. I promise to make some more bird boxes. I do.

That’s me that is…. 🙂