May Day

May Day is done properly over here. Everything is shut and our neighbours are dissapointed we didn’t light a bonfire last night! Which is funny for me, coming from a country in which the May Day traditional workers celebratory holiday was killed off by the Thatcher government, Oh well. We peasants were out in the fields engaged in healthy P.C. self exploitation of course! Marko and Sunni continued to plant the mass of seedlings that we bought at the outdoor market in Karlovac yesterday. I cut down a load of tree saplings (the wrong ones of course but hey I was trying) and turned them in to pea plant supports. I also did some bramble clearing in our lower field which is a bit of a painting the Forth Road Brigde style project until it got too hot and I retired to the shade.

Stripping saplings in the shade and sitting down 🙂
Weeding and planting the peasants of Barbrith slave away the May Day holiday!
We bought this barrel from the flea market as part of a deal on a fruit press. It leaked to start with but aftera bit of ring tightening it is now holding water to maye we’ll use it as a barrel. Otherwise it will become our post box!
oh dear

Matchka the little mother cat came out to say hello, she is lot more keen on tickles and attention than she was pre motherhood. The she went back to being a milk bottle!

Matchka steps carefully through the grass to come and say hello., or maybe just to get some fresh air and a breaking from feeding!
Kittens having breakfast, or maybe it was elevenses!
Matchka gives me “the eye” as her blind brood suckle incessantly.