My doors…

Both doors to my room need fixing, the eastern door is a crap dark plywood thing that I want to replace with a glass door or one that has some glass in it. The westerly door is warped and lets a draft and rain in when it is blown at an angle that allows it to get under the roof awning.  But those are the downsides, on the upside they have rather good views when open.

A sunset begins to tint my view west out of my warped door!
The Eastern door heads out towards the garage, lower vegetable garden and the future sauna!

But I know you’re not interested in my life anymore ever since I introduced Matchka and her kittens, thats all the feedback I get is about. So here goes…

I found Matchy wandering around outside this morning obviously hoping to catch a quick mouse breakfast. She quickly came back to her brood when she realised it was photograph time.
Matchka the proud (or is that just exhaustion mixed with bewilderment?) mother this morning.
Here is the garage, the as yet unused barbecue, the leaning pear tree and the future (?) sauna. The little building used to be a smoke house for making slaughtered sentient beings last longer maybe that’s appropriate for a sauna! Can you spot Matchka out on a quick hunt?