In bed where else?

On the morning that our young punky visitor only just made it out of bed before midday Matchcka our pot bellied little cat took to the kids bed to have her kids. We expected her to find a spot in the barn, or under a sofa, somewhere safe and private. But Matchka once again proved to have a mind of her own and trod a different path. And yes she did go out with Marko and Ena for their morning walk half way down the field and back this morning as she does most mornings! This evening though she settled down in the folds of a thick warm red and black blanket and gave birth to four little black and white kittens.

Matchka prepares a spot in the middle of Marko and Sunnis bed to treat us to the “miracle of life”!! Exhibitionism of the worst kind I call it!

Marko and I gently slid the blanket from the centre of the bed to the side so Marko has some space to sleep tonight. Sunni is gonna be so jealous!

The thing from Eraserhead emerges from Matchkas fur.

I think it took about two hours of almost constant licking and heavy rapid breathing for all four to appear. Wierdly the first one to emerge burrowed its way straight into a fold of the blanket and has not been properly seen since! The others came out and immediately searched for Matchka’s nipples and then fed like their lives depended on it, which I guess they may!

Two little black and white pink at this stage) kittens squirm there way towards a teat treat.
Matchka looks ready to sleep but was in fact snoring as greedy little kittens have their fill from her.
Can you spot all four? Theres Scaredy Cat, Eraserhead, and then Feeder 1 and Feeder 2!!

After number four slid out Matchka looked totally knackered.

A seriously worn out Matchka wonders how to make sure she never has to go through this again!