A wintery walk in the woods with …. you guessed it! ..the cat!

Tradition and our egotistical desrire to show off dictates that visitors to the Barabrith estate must do the woodland tour! This tour varies a bit depending on the seasonal levels of undergrowth. At this time of the year the dreaded brambles are almost gone and so it’s possible to wander in to areas that in the summer are all but inpenetrable without the energetic use of a machete. Whether it is this incentive or not I do not know but our cat Matchka (spelt wrong and incorrectly named I’m told!) decided to come out with us on todays jaunt as we showed our guest around. Seeing as almost all the two legged folk present suffer some level of camera shyness I was left with the cat to photograph, well that’s my excuse.

What about going in this direction? Matchka fails once more to lead the party on her prefered and rather erratic route.
Sunni takes a good swing at the cat with her right boot but Matchka escapes just in time! (If it’s on the internet it must be true!)
“Hey you lot slow down some of us have slightly shorter legs” the little cat meowed.
Is it a snow ball? Is it a lump of chalk rock? No it’s Matchka hiding in plain sight!
“That dog thinks its so clever being out in front all the time, just wait till it bumps into a wild boar then we’ll see who laughing” thought the little cat at the back of the line.
Spot the tail!
Almost fully camoflaged! A rare feeling for Matchka.
A few drops of bright colour in the wintery landscape.
A rare offering of photographic content from another source (thanx Markos) of a rather old fat punk next to a skinny young one, but where’s the cat?